The Remarkable Work of Medical Detection Dogs and their partnership with Midsummer Place

Medical Detection Dogs

Dogs are loyal companions that are always by your side. Not only do they provide unconditional love but also possesses the extraordinary ability to sense life-threatening medical events before they strike.

At the forefront of this incredible bond between humans and dog heroes stands the MK-based charity, Medical Detection Dogs. This organisation is revolutionising healthcare by training two types of medical detection dogs, these are Medical Alert Assistance Dogs and Bio Detection Dogs.

Supporting the charity:

When it comes to supporting medical detection dogs there are various ways to support them.

  • You can become a puppy sponsor for as little as £5 a month, receiving regular updates on their progress
  • Nominating medical detection dogs as your charity of the year, directs fundraising efforts toward training more life-saving dogs
  • Corporate partnerships offer brand exposure and positive PR
  • Leaving a charitable bequest in your Will can secure the future of this crucial work
  • Volunteering opportunities, including socialising puppies during their early training

Partnership with Midsummer Place

The partnership between Medical Detection Dogs and Midsummer Place is crucial. The shopping centre provides a safe environment for the dogs-in-training to learn vital skills. These puppies need to be comfortable and confident in public situations—riding lifts, navigating stairs, enjoying a coffee, and strolling through a busy shopping centre. These experiences prepare them for the future when they'll become the everyday companions of their humans in need.

Midsummer Place's generosity also extends to providing free parking during training sessions. This gift allows the funds that would have been spent on parking charges to be redirected toward the essential training of these life-saving dogs.

Join the Cause

On October 5th, Medical Detection Dogs will be at Midsummer Place, raising awareness and looking for passionate individuals to become puppy socialisers. This hands-on role plays a huge part in shaping the future of these remarkable dogs and the lives they impact.

To learn more about Medical Detection Dogs and their incredible mission, visit