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Charge your phone on the go with Joos

Mobile phone charge low? A Joos power bank allows you to charge while you shop at Midsummer Place, all through a simple app on your phone!

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We have two Joos power bank boxes at Midsummer Place, one located opposite Five Guys, near Eurochange and the other located between Next Beauty and Home and Topshop.

How to use:

1. Download the Joos app from your app store 

    Apple App Store download link here

    Google Play Store download link here 

2. Find one of the Joos boxes in our centre and scan it’s QR code

3. Grab a power bank and charge while you shop!

4. Return whenever you’re done to any Joos Box


Joos costs £2 per hour of rental, with a maximum charge of £3 per 24 hours.

You’ll be charged for a maximum of 10 days, totalling £30.

Once 10 days has passed, if you haven't returned the power bank, you’ll stop being charged and the power bank is yours to keep!

Safety – is Joos Covid-19 safe?

Joos make charging on the move as safe as possible. The Joos Boxes have protective slots to shield power banks from any airborne bacteria and germs.

Every time a power bank is returned after use, it’s locked in place and unavailable to rent until enough time has passed that the Covid-19 agent has broken down.

Joos power banks are all manufactured with medical grade, antimicrobial plastic, keeping you as safe as possible when charging with them in our centre.

Joos also ensure that the Joos Boxes and all power banks are deep cleaned regularly, you’ll also find sanitiser at every Joos Box for you to use before and after using Joos.

Joos mobile phone power banks

Additional Info:

Joos is the only power bank rental service in the UK with Apple’s MFi approval, meaning all of our hardware is Apple-approved, protecting you and your device against overheating and the threat of hacking.

Joos comes with cables integrated, catering to any smartphone on the market. The cables include: Apple Lightning Cable, USB-C & Micro-USB.

You can charge multiple devices at one time with Joos, although this has been known to drain the power banks faster than when just charging one device.

Help and Support:

For 24/7 live chat support whilst charging with Joos, see the Help section in-app.

For further assistance when using the Joos service, give their team a call on 0800 0291 699.

Find our more about joos here

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