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About this event

Calling all Ping Pong Ninjas: Ping Pong is back at Midsummer Place!

In partnership with Table Tennis England you'll find the Ping Pong Parlour, located between LEGO and the frog clock, opposite Next Beauty & Home.

Everyone is welcome and play is FREE at the Ping Pong Parlour. Bats are available on tables and balls can be purchased from a ball machine inside the parlour for 20 pence per ball (accepts 20 pence coins only).

Alternatively, if you would prefer your own set, bats and balls are usually available from Sports Direct within Midsummer Place.

The Ping Pong Parlour will be open during centre opening hours, for more information on our opening hours, please click here

So whilst you're shopping, come in and have a game (or two) to show off those ping pong ninja skills.

In the unlikely event the Parlour isn’t open, there are no bats and balls, or if you need to make us aware of anything then please ask a member of the Midsummer Place team, easily identifiable in branded uniform on the mall. Alternatively you can call us on 01908 557008.

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So, what is StreetTT?

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Volunteer as a City Moderator:

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Saturday 13 July 2024, 7:12- 7:12