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Christmas Tree Festival 2023

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About this event

Get into the spirit of the season by taking a stroll through the mall at Midsummer Place. You'll see 18 stunning Christmas trees, each decorated by a different business or organisation from our region.

This Christmas, you can feel good in the knowledge you've helped us to help some great local charities, and it won't cost you a penny! All we want you to do is vote for your favourite three trees.

The voting period is live from 9am on 18th November and remains open until 5pm on Christmas Eve!


To vote for your favourites, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click here to access the voting form (or scan the QR code on any of the Christmas tree festival posters in centre which will bring you back to this page!)
  2. You'll notice each tree has a number. You'll find the number on the poster next to the tree, along with details of the tree's sponsor and nominated charity.
  3. On the voting form, you will be asked to vote for your favourite tree, then your second favourite, then your third. Simply select the relevant tree numbers to let us know your favourite three trees, then submit your answers.

Click here if you would like a reminder of what each of the trees look like, plus details of the sponsors and charities.

The votes will be counted on 27th December, then we'll announce our winners in between Christmas and New Year!

The winners will receive a prize donation for their nominated charity in January, so make sure you keep your eyes on our socials and the news section of this site for further details on which trees prove to be the publics favourites! The prizes will be:

1st place: £2,250

2nd place: £1,350

3rd place: £900

Just a few basic terms and conditions:

  • Please don't be tempted to vote for the same tree more than one time, as each tree will only be counted once per entry.
  • We can only accept one entry per person, so please don't enter multiple times. We understand you might want your favourite to win, but we want to make it fair for everyone!
  • The voting period is 9am on the 18th November to 5pm on 24th December. Any votes made outside of these times will not be counted.
  • All votes will be counted and verified by a panel of judges. Their decision will be final.

Click HERE to vote for your favourite trees

Click HERE for a reminder of what each of the trees look like in the Christmas tree festival, including their all important numbers for your votes!

Event location details


MK9 3GB, Milton Keynes, City of Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

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