Vai Ice: UK’s First-of-its-Kind 3D Ice Cream

Vai Ice is made of premium all-natural gelato ice cream and opened at Midsummer Place this week.

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Midsummer Place Shopping Centre is thrilled to announce the arrival of a ‘super cool’ new addition to the mall, Vai Ice, the UK’s first 3D ice cream stand, which opened this week.

Vai Ice is made of premium all-natural gelato ice cream that combines artistry, creativity, and mouth-watering flavours. Customers can choose from dozens of intricate shapes including a dragon, love hearts, butterflies, dogs and much more.

Located outside Levi’s and Superdry, the frozen edible treats are created into beautiful works of art, which almost seem too good to lick, but the assortment of flavours is just what’s needed when temperatures rise this summer.

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"The launch of Vai Ice is an exciting moment for Midsummer Place Shopping Centre," said the centre’s Marketing Manager, Kirsty McGiff. "We are proud to be the first shopping centre in the country to offer this innovative 3D ice cream experience. Vai Ice represents our commitment to pushing boundaries and providing our visitors with unparalleled and unforgettable encounters."

Jill Pliskin, Manager at Vai Ice, Midsummer Place said: “Vai Ice is excited to bring our beautiful and delicious ice cream to Midsummer Place. We feature a wonderful assortment of creative shapes and flavours to delight kids of all ages. We will be bringing even more innovation in the future with non-dairy and vegan flavours on the horizon. Keep checking back to see what's new.”