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Medical Detection Dogs

Nominated charity: Medical Detection Dogs

10 Medical Detection Dogs

About Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives using their amazing sense of smell. Bio Detection Dogs detect even the tiniest smells associated with diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and COVID-19. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs support people with complex health conditions such as PoTS, Addison’s disease and severe allergies by warning them when they’re about to have a potentially life-threatening event so they can take the necessary action and avid hospital admission.

To find out more about Medical Detection Dogs, you can visit their website here

Medical detection dogs 2500px

Inspiration for our tree

Here comes Santa Paws - wishing everyone a furry Christmas from Medical Detection Dogs while making sure everyone NOSE how amazing the work of our dogs is…

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Get involved with the festival and support some great local causes, simply by telling us your favourite three trees! The three with the most votes overall - once voting closes on December 18th - will receive a share of our Christmas Tree Festival prize fund.

If Medical Detection Dogs is one of your favourites, click here and vote tree 10.

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