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Nominated charity: Girlpack

About Girlpack

Girl Pack is a local charity that supports girls, women and members of the LGBTQ+ community in Milton Keynes with period products.

We supply period packs to primary and secondary schools, children's centres, community centres and groups, parish offices and community larders/fridges across Milton Keynes. Each pack contains a full packet of pads, knickers, wipes and hand sanitiser. They have been designed to allow the user to change, feel clean and confident and to be able to carry on their day without disruption.

We also supply period products to the community larders to help make them affordable. Our products are available to everyone, we do not means-test, meaning that anyone who has a need can access them.

Period poverty has many forms and isn't just about not being able to afford period products. It can also mean lack of access to products, especially if you come on unexpectedly, and a lack of education about menstruation in general. Girl Pack aim to make free period products accessible to as many people as possible.

Girl Pack - No stress, No stigma, No questions, No problem!

To find out more about Girlpack, you can visit their Facebook here

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Inspiration for our tree

Our Christmas tree represents what we do and where you can find help. It gives an idea of our period packs and lets you know where you can find them. We hope that it will get people talking about periods and help to end the stigma that is attached to them.

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