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Dancebox Studios & Theatre Works

Nominated charity: Dancebox Studios & Theatre Works

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About Dancebox Studios & Theatre Works

Dancebox Theatre Works is a local charity, which provides dance and performing arts education and training to young people.

From their studio building opposite Fred Roche Gardens in central MK, they offer a wide range of participation initiatives to the local community, including fully-funded full-time Sixth Form (16+) performing arts education, access to children's dance and performing arts activities, adult dance and fitness activities, as well as their professional training college which brings talented dancers and performers from across the UK to central MK.

To find out more, you can visit their website here

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Inspiration for our tree

The Dancebox tree is obviously fabulous, sparkly and theatrical, but it is also titled 'The Tree of Aspiration' as it has the signature Dancebox lipstick kisses from our amazing college students, with aspiration affirmations about their dream jobs. We have Dancebox graduates in an amazing range of shows all around the world and we can't wait to follow the journey of these students as they fly the Dancebox nest into the professional world!

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