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We are delighted to welcome you to Midsummer Place today.

The safety and well-being of everyone who works or visits our centre is of paramount importance. Throughout the pandemic we have followed official guidance from Public Health England (PHE) carefully and have implemented dynamic plans at our centre to ensure that our site is COVID-19 Secure. Whilst the easing of restrictions from 27th January 2022 means that some of the COVID safety measures are no longer a legal requirement, many people remain understandably cautious, therefore please ensure you treat everyone with respect giving staff, colleagues and visitors plenty of personal space whilst on site.

Although it is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering, wearing one can reduce the risk of transmission for both you and those around you, therefore we strongly recommend you do wear a mask whilst on site, especially whilst in busy, crowded or confined spaces.

In line with the government advice to act carefully, we are keeping certain precautionary measures in place to help manage the risk of infection. Hand sanitizer stations are installed throughout our centre, both on the mall and in the service areas, along with hot water and soap in our toilets: we encourage you to use these facilities regularly. We are also continuing the increased frequency of our deep cleaning of high footfall areas and public toilets.

Covid January 2022

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