The Body MOT Studio

About The Body MOT Studio

The Body MOT Studio are a science-led body transformation studio based in Milton Keynes and online.

We specialize in a comprehensive approach to optimal fitness.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I’ve tried diets and they don’t work.”

“The gym seemed like a good idea but I’m seeing no results.”

“I’m sceptical because I never see any meaningful data in these gyms.”

“I have no idea what to eat.”

“I’m not a gym person.”

At The Body MOT Studio we help people just like you.

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What we do:

Tailor make fitness and nutrition programmes to specifically target YOUR goals, lifestyle, abilities, and comfort levels

Create bespoke targets that work for you

Act as accountability partners, with your best interest at heart – we will tell you how to achieve what is important to you, and get you there

Maintain a professional and respectful environment and community to support your journey to body transformation

What we offer:

Specialist nutrition coaching based on cutting-edge bio-technology

Fully customised workouts to optimise your personal strength and stamina

Results driven programmes specific to goals, whether you want to lose weight or gain energy, increase mobility, maintain health, or have other targets – we tailor according to you.

Expert advice on lifestyle and well-being optimisation

Regular testing to monitor fitness and nutrition improvements, and keep you on track

Specialist coaches to help you pivot your programmes to ensure you consistently see the results you want and need

User friendly purpose built apps and members only website areas to help you track your own progress, and to keep you in control of your progress.

Not sure how to start?

The Body MOT is a non-invasive test that gives you results in seconds. Using cutting edge medical grade equipment, we will test:

- Type 2 Diabetes Fat Levels

- Hormone Levels

- Muscle Mass

- Bone Density

- Chronic Inflammation

- Overall Fat Levels

You’ll get a comprehensive report to show you where you are at now, and importantly, a 25 minute consultation to discuss what the numbers mean and the best course of action for achieving your full body transformation

Your Body MOT will:

✅ Give YOUR hormone and muscle data so that we can help you build a bespoke fitness programme.

✅ Tell you exactly why your current fitness practices aren't delivering the results you want.

✅Give you clear information about your unique physical make-up and how to maximise your health.

✅ Empower you to test what foods and eating patterns will give you completely renewed energy levels.

✅ Give you a launching pad for reaching your optimal health and overall well-being.

In short, your Body MOT gives you the answers you've been searching for - don't waste another day!

Opening Hours

From To
Sunday 10am 5pm
Monday 7am 8pm
Tuesday 7am 8pm
Wednesday 7am 8pm
Thursday 7am 8pm
Friday 7am 8pm
Saturday 7am 8pm

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