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As the school term draws to a close, everyone is eagerly anticipating getting out into the sunshine (or rain, thanks UK). In the words of High School Musical, we’re all chanting “summer, summer, summer” as the clock ticks towards 3pm on the last day of term. But there’s more to think about than just how to keep your kids busy for the next six weeks – it’s also time to get their teacher a thank you gift. After all, they’ve just kept your kids entertained and educated for the last 39 weeks of the school term.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to show your appreciation:

Starbucks Gift Card

Starbs gift card

Teachers are known for being coffee lovers, how else are they going to function looking after children all day!? They will always have a cup on their desk during the school day. So, a gift card from Starbucks is the BEST gift card that you can get your favourite teacher. This way they can treat themselves during the summer holidays.

Starbs drinks

Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a starbies? There is nothing better than treating yourself to an ice coffee on a summer holiday morning. Starbucks has so many options to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a coffee lover, they have plenty of summer drink options like the Summer-Berry Starbucks Refreshers.

Sensational Scents from Oud Arabian


Oud Arabian is a fragrance kiosk that we now have at Midsummer Place, located outside of Michael Kors, and BOSS. They sell perfume, candles, room scents and more from Dubai. The smell of their stall is AMAZING!

Whether you choose a bottle of perfume, a scented candle or a room diffuser, a gift from Oud Arabian is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude.

Prices for these luxury candles are priced at £15, and they also have and reel diffusers for £20. They have a number of scents available the hardest part is picking which one to get them.

Desk decorations from The Dutch Hospital

Dutch hospital

One excellent gift idea to get a teacher are book ends! Teachers have numerous books whether they are for education or personal enjoyment, bookends will be practical for them as it allows them to keep their collection clean and tidy.

The Dutch Hospital offers these adorable golden monkey bookends. By joining funds with some other parents, you can give the class teacher a more luxurious and special gift.

The Dutch Hospital- Bookends Pair of Two Golden Monkey Bookends


Dutch 2

How cute are these mini crab salt and pepper shakers? These can be used both as a table decoration and for being practical. If they normally bring in their own lunch it will be nice for them to have their own min salt and pepper shakers that they can easily transport with them.

The Dutch Hospital- Silver Crab Salt & Pepper Set


A new notebook, planner, or stationery


Gifting your teacher, a new notebook is a thoughtful yet practical gift! Every teacher makes notes and goes through notebooks like they are Tic Tacs (oh, that’s another thing you could get them with the notebook). Waterstones is the best place to go when thinking of a more traditional gift for your child’s teacher. You can either grab them a gift card so that they can pick out something themselves or choose something cute and practical for them.

Waterstones has this beautiful blue ombre daily planner that you can gift your teacher to make their next school year easier to plan and map out lesson plans.

Waterstones- Blue Haze Ombre Daily Planner



Small but superb! Really easy to quickly jot down ideas or points that they want to make during a lesson.

Waterstones- Midori Blue Ring Memo Notepad



Not only is this panda pen so cute, but it is also erasable. Very handy for when teachers are planning out lesson plans and make a mistake, instead of scribbling out they can just simply erase it as though it is a pencil.

Waterstones- Panda Erasable Pen


Woodlands School


Woodlands school often come into centre and sell their handmade products. They came in for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and they are coming in with products that have been handmade especially for “Thank you Teacher”.

They will be in centre on Wednesday 3rd July to Saturday 6th July.

Here are some examples of what they created last year, they really are a unique and personal gift that can be brought for a teacher.

Make them a homemade card

Teachers will love this so much more than a store brought gift because a handmade card is deeply personal and unique. It allows your child to express their gratitude in their own words and style, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the teacher.

Creating a card involves creativity and effort, which shows the teacher that your child truly values their hard work. It’s a tangible representation of appreciation that highlights the thoughtfulness and time invested.

Mug or Water bottle


Teachers always seem to have coffee, or a cup of tea, within arm’s reach so why not get them a brand-new mug from New Look, Waterstones or Starbucks?

New Look- Light Blue 1L Water Bottle



Starbucks- Reusable cold cup


Confectionary from the Artisan Farmshop


Choosing confectionery from the Artisan Farmshop as a thank you gift for your child's teacher is a delightful and thoughtful gesture. The Artisan Farmshop offers a range of, handcrafted sweets and treats that are both unique and delicious. You can even make your own hamper for them!

By gifting something from the Artisan Farmshop, you're not only showing appreciation but also supporting local artisans who put care and creativity into their products. This personal touch makes the gift stand out, demonstrating that you've put thought into selecting something special. Moreover, a beautifully packaged box of gourmet sweets is a versatile and universally appreciated token of gratitude that any teacher would be thrilled to receive


As the school year draws to a close, finding the perfect way to thank your child's teacher is a meaningful way to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and the positive impact they've had on your child's life. Whether it's a heartfelt handmade card, a thoughtful piece of confectionery from the Artisan Farmshop, or another carefully chosen gift, the key is to convey genuine appreciation and recognition.

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