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Stand out from the crowd this Christmas!

New Look Gini London gold sequin v neck long sleeve mini wrap dress main

We all know that feeling where the 1st of December hits and calendars start blowing up with party invites from friends, family and work. It's all fun and exciting until you realise: what on earth do I wear? Great question!

Whether it’s inspiration, imitation or innovation; ready yourself for the upcoming season and transform your wardrobe to catch not just the essence of the season, but the spirit of the celebration as at Midsummer Place we are here to provide you with the best winter fashion trends that will most certainly win you the best dressed.

Zara strapless dress with sequins

Effortlessly capture the attention, wearing this strapless dress with sequins, from Zara this radiant masterpiece that isn’t just a dress but a symbol of glamour.

Slip into this dress this winter season, pair it with the whitest of heels and the tiniest of coats. Whatever it is, each carefully placed sequin will most definitely catch the attention from all angles.


Hollister ultra high rise vegan leather flare pants

These ultra high-rise vegan leather flare pants, from Hollister, are the perfect example of bold and courageous fashion. With the popular 60s flares back in style, mixed with the well-known elasticated texture, you can embrace your inner Cher combining elegance with edginess. The perfect balance.

Whether paired with a shimmering bodysuit, glossy tube top or a voguish blouse, these trousers will serve its purpose and have everyone at the Christmas party applauding you.


New Look Red jacquard satin v neck mini dress

Become the cherry on top, standing out with this red jacquard satin V-neck mini dress, from New Look, an absolute showstopper. The vivid red tone creating a symbol of passion which both charms and captivates the likes of others.

Pair it with some gorgeous stilettos and you’re good to go!

Red Jacquard Satin Ruffle V-neck mini dress (Sale): £16.99 New Look

Zara high heel strappy sandals

Walk into a winter wonderland with these high-heel strappy sandals. The high-heel strappy sandals from Zara deliver a sophisticated aesthetic. The fine delicate straps accentuate the natural shape of one’s ankle.

Granting the wearer a sense of luxury, these heels are visually stunning and will have everyone at the party in awe.

Its colour particularly becomes a benefit as it can pair with pretty much everything, dress, skirt or trousers, you name it!


New Look Gini London gold sequin v neck long sleeve mini wrap dress

Why wrap presents when you can wrap yourself this Christmas? With the stunning Gini London gold sequin V-neck long sleeve mini wrap dress, from New Look, it is guaranteed you will mesmerise the eyes of others. The gold sequins catching the light, reflecting a look that is nothing short of breath-taking.

Flattering the figure, it clinches at the waist, whilst the V-neck politely provides space for a beautiful necklace to sit.

Pair it with some snowy stilettos or black heeled knee-high boots.

Gini London gold sequin V-neck long sleeve mini wrap dress, £27.50, New Look

Whether aiming for a classic, edgy, or contemporary look, Midsummer Place's fashion retailers capture the spirit of celebration and allow individuals to make a statement and exude confidence at their next soiree.

Charlotte Fernandes 2

Meet Charlotte Fernandes (@7cahr), guest blogger and friend of Midsummer Place! We love your writing and style Charlotte and look forward to working with you again in the future!

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