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Christmas Eve box ideas

Start the Christmas cheer early with a Christmas Eve box of surprises from Midsummer Place’s retailers.

Christmas eve box ideas main

Santa is almost here, so get out the milk, mince pies and don’t forget the carrots for the reindeer. Start the Christmas cheer early with a Christmas Eve box of surprises from Midsummer Place’s retailers. Unwrap the delight of the season and spread the joy with a selection of charming surprises waiting to be discovered within Midsummer Place's magical Christmas Eve box.

Christmas Eve is the perfect moment for unwinding before the hustle of the days to come. Let's explore those special items that will effortlessly transport you to the enchantment of Christmas.

Glitter Face Mask

This New Look gel eye mask and roller set is an essential for Christmas Eve! Enhancing your festive glow on the day of giving, it transports you into a realm of relaxation. For the ultimate experience, combine it with a comforting hot chocolate and a cosy bubble bath.

Glitter gel eye mask and roller set. £9.99 - New Look


You cannot go wrong with this Christmas classic. Get lost in the enchanting world of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas through this exquisite collectable novelisation. Why not take this into your bubble bath after the kids have gone to bed?

Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. £7.99 - Waterstones


It’s Christmas Eve… which means it's time to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Christmas films like Elf, Home Alone or The Holiday. A hot chocolate is the best addition to movie night especially when it's in this adorable Christmas pudding mug from New Look

Christmas pudding mug. £8.99 - New Look

Perfume Set

Elevate your Christmas Eve box with the addition of the Hollister exquisite Perfume Gift Set – a radiant gem that promises to enchant the senses. This set unveils a delicate harmony of enchanting florals, warm spices, and festive aromas that gracefully dance in the air, echoing the joy and anticipation of Christmas.

Perfumes Gift Set. £39 - Hollister


Victoria's Secret has the ultimate Christmas Eve pyjamas! Not only are they so comfy to sleep in but they are the top choice for Christmas morning festivities. These red short pyjamas are perfect for gathering around the tree to open stockings. Made from a luxurious, buttery-soft cotton blend, they're so comfortable that you'll want to make it a full-blown Christmas pyjama day!

Short Pyjamas. £45 - Victoria's Secret


With it being Christmas, it is slipper season! Schuh has got you covered this Christmas Eve with these harper fur mule slippers in tan. Ideal for a Christmas Eve box because let’s face it, Christmas is a time for home comforts and feeling cosy.

Harper fur mule. £25 - Schuh

Christmas Tree

Why not start a new tradition this Christmas Eve? Build your very own festive decoration with this Christmas tree from LEGO. Get all the family together and make memories at the most festive time of year.

Christmas Tree. £30.99 - LEGO

Scented Candle

Creating the perfect Christmas ambience begins with the gentle flicker of a candle flame. Tommy Hilfiger hits the mark with their festive wood-scented candle. This carefully crafted candle not only illuminates the space but also brings the cosy essence of crackling firewood to your surroundings.

Festive Wood Fire Candle. £60 - Tommy Hilfiger

And, don’t forget to grab a gift card from Starbucks so you can take advance of their festive flavours at the most wonderful time of the year!

These festive treasures are more than just beautifully packaged surprises; they are memories being created to share together. Whether filled with snug pyjamas, sweet treats, or heartfelt notes, a Christmas Eve box becomes the perfect tradition.

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